Saturday, June 21, 2014

#2 Woes of Postgraduate student: HEART ATTACK

Yours truly went out happily for lunch followed by tea break at Secret Receipe with the roomie. Well, my ex-roomie but I still address her as roomie. Lunch was at the chap fun shop as usual, where I had rice with dunno-call-what vege and steamed egg with mince pork. Then at Secret Receipe I had a slice of chocolate cheesecake and a glass of apricot and orange slushie. Super happy or my tummy was the one super happy packing away all the fats lah. 

Anywas, I came back to lab then the boyfriend called. So I answered the call at the lab where I usually do my labwork. 
Was hovering around there when suddenly I realized, "WHERE DID MY OTHER VACUUM PUMP WENTTTT!????" 

Started panicking because the pump cost about 1K. Went around the  labs to search for it and asked around. Until one of the fyp student told me, "The other student took it to the other lab to use. "


Can don't give me heart attack or not har!?? My heart is very weak one. 

Kinda pissed off at them for making me hunt for nothing. But I didn't want to scold them. In the end, I wrote and email asking them to inform me if they want to move the assests elsewhere. 

Fuhh. End of heart attack. 

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