Saturday, June 7, 2014

That Time of the Month

It was the time of the month. And pain was anticipated, as usual. The me when to the work as usual. Slight discomfort but still bearable. Few hours later, I had to swallow my words. The pain's intensity increased and the me started to sweat, cold sweats.

I knew where that discomfort would get me. Learning from previous 'blackout' epsisode, the me decided to head back to the hostel, to the comfort of the bed.

And yeah, I literally crawled back to the hostel.

After popping painkillers and consumed a glass of hot ginger tea,the me climbed into bed and burried myself among my pillows and blanket.

*dejavu feeling*

Was it just 2 years back when I was in a similar situation but with the musketeers with me?

It happened in the lab too. I remembered how they accompanied me to the clinic then back to my room and after that came over to check at me again.

At that moment, I really really miss them. Uni has never been the same without them, ever.

Yours truly was in pain, lack of company and really craving for some source of comfort. Which isn't exactly me. Since the me has always been quite independent.

The lion not being around didn't help much either. In fact it made matters worse.

The next day when the lion came back into range, the me broke down over the phone. I was missing my besties THAT much. ;(

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