Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Woes of a Postgraduate Student #3 Of Self-correction

Yesterday was 30th June 2014. The last day of June. The day before we start off the other half of 2014. And a challenging day indeed. 

It was the last day to submit the full paper for a conference that I'll be joining in August. I've sent it for my sv to look through it and correct it a month ago. Up till yesterday morning, I've not receive any reply from my sv. Hence, I sent him an email, asking him about it. 

I was expecting him to reply with the corrected version. 

Instead, this was what I got. 
"Just submit it. I don't have time to look through it." 

My reaction: 

So I spent the next few hours reading, re-reading and re-reading my paper. 
Trying to correct my grammar, thinking whether what I wrote made sense and being paranoid because I wrote over the limit, I was lost on which part I should cut out. 

And even after I've read for the n-times, I was still not confident of my work. 


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