Thursday, March 1, 2012

#14 I can see it.

For a very long time, my view has been cloudy. Maybe greyish white, I'm not so sure. I walk along blindly. From time to time, I bumped into things, I tripped over steps.

I wonder what it feels like to be able to view it. I wonder what does it looks like, the view I want to see. I wonder when it is, the suitable time for the view to be revealed to me.

For the simple reason, I believe in the plan planned for me. I believe in miracles.

Finally now, I can see it, the path I'm walking, the direction I'm going and I will pursue it violently.

You know the feeling when you had a conversation with another and many months later, you feel the scene replay before you? You see the truth in the words of another. That deja vu feeling, I've been having it lately. Good in a way, bad in another. I think maybe in a ratio of 75:25. :)

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