Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm free as a birdie!!!!

A fews days ago marked the begining of a suffering, tiring week. A week totally swamped with tests. 6 mid-terms actually. To make things worse, 2 of them were only informed like 3 days before the actual day?

The reaction we all displayed were similar to a person who just suffered heart attack. However, I'm glad my coursemates and I all have strong hearts. So all of us are still here. Lol.But in the days that followed, everyone had this, "I'M TIRED" words written on their face.

I was one too. Okay, I'm tired anyways.

Today marks the end of the extraordinary tiring week. But it is also the toughest day. I had three mid terms today. One in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. But I'm glad all of them went not so bad either.

Plus, I got my results back for the mid term paper that I sat on Monday night. My lecturer is super efficient eh? I'm happy with my marks but I think I should be a little more hardworking. Haha.

I should STOP procrastinating. LOL.

I still have another half sem to learn that. Hopefully I learn fast. xP

Anyway, I'm off to Malacca till Monday. Ah, finally an escapade from uni. :)))))

Sidenote: I dunno what problem are you facing. All I can do is support you and cheer on you. :) In the meantime I shall not disturb you, I think.

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