Tuesday, November 1, 2011

First mid term paper, A Noob & Mid sem break

I had my first mid term paper yesterday. It wasn't that bad, all thanks to our good and kind-hearted lecturer who decided not to kill us with her paper. :)


Nevertheless, I discovered that certain people are absolutely so into giving trouble for others.
So what if you pay your fees in US Dollars?
SO what if you've got tonnes of gazillions of Iphones?
Please get only yourself in trouble and not pull the rest of us into hot soup.
No more questions from the notes for quiz? You know what that sounds like? It sounds like doomsday for that subject.

Seriously, use those money you have and go get yourself a brain.

Oh, I've got so many heart attacks yesterday. I'm still alive so that means my heart is exteremely strong, right right? Lol. Neways, from 4 tests this week, I now have 6 tests in 4 days? Cool eh? First time in my uni life, I've got such packed test schedule. 

But looking for the rainbow after the rain, it's HOLIDAY this friday onwards. REAL holiday. Haha.

Time to hit the notes again. Ciao! :)

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