Sunday, March 13, 2011

When my mind wonders...=)

Normal students have homeworks, more fondly known as assignments. I once think that the name assignments sound pretty cool. But that was when I was like a primary school kid, no?

Ask me now and I won’t say that it is cool. Haha. But I don’t hate all my assignments, only certain ones. One assignment that I actually like ( some people might hate me for saying this) is writing speeches for Public Speaking class assessment! *beams* Don’t get me wrong here, I just like the writing part, I’m still struggling for the presenting part.

Sometimes I felt like I’ve took a wrong course. But sometimes I don’t feel so. So actually I’m still unsure where my heart actually lies. I love language. Over the years, I discovered that I can grasp languages pretty fast. I love reading and writing. I love bombastic and flowery languages. Quotes, poems, stories and novel are things that I can spend hours on.
But no, I’ve been brought up in a traditional family. This simple means that I’m expected to do well in my studies, minus the extra co-curriculum activities, not getting involved in a relationship while studying ( I think I was recently lifted of this ban, no difference also lah. xP), take a course which will ensure me a stable and steady job and income in the future, etc. There isn’t anything bad but it just means that I do not have the choice to actually do what I want. Maybe I should have went on to study journalism, social sciences, communication, public relations or something like that?

On the other hand, I like science too. I don’t hate maths either, I’m just not good with numbers. I pretty much liked biology. Interest in chemistry and learning to love it was cultivated just a few years ago. And I don’t mind hovering over them for hours either. Not bad actually, apart from the fact, I don’t really score well for them. xP

It’s just randomly I would wonder whether I actually took the correct course of my life. Did I steer the ship to the correct destination? Did I put on fertilizers on the correct plant? Did I or did I not?

Absurb isn’t it, to ask such a question two years after I’ve been in uni. Actually no, this is not the first time I’ve asked myself this question.

Apparently, I have not found the answer. People out there, can someone answer me, please?

I’m not a really religious person. Theoretically, I’m a Buddhist. But a banana often went for Buddhist class and came back without any knowledge on Buddhism. But I believe in God and His plans for me. So I assure myself that God’s plan is beautiful, with no flaws and everything which happens now is all within his plan and estimation.

“When God calls you to do something, he enables you to do it”

I’m not sure whether I will ever know the answer. Only time can tell. But at the end of my life, I would like to stand before God and say, “Thank you God, for I’ve used all the talent that you’ve given me. “

P/s: De-stressing today went well. Lunch at UK-Loh, Big momma, steamboat for dinner, sing-k and everything in between. Laughter was the main menu. =) Ellie is one happy girl.

Popped two pills, bundles in a jacket, flu-bug please go away.

Still, happiness rules. =)

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