Monday, March 14, 2011

The flu bug fell in love with me.* credits to Raphael*

Raphael Ong, you must be proud to read the title! LOL.xPPP

Let’s start from the very beginning. It rained non-stop the whole week. Weird, no? Yes. This kind of weather just don’t exist at times like this.

Despite not having the fan staring at me, despite bundling up in my lovely, trusted jacket, despite hiding in my blankie in the night like a rabbit in a rabbit hole, the flu bug just absolutely love me. =.=

Okay, I’m making such a big fuss over a flu bug. It’s a bug, so it’s supposed to be small, right? And a big-sized person like should not make a big fuss over s small thing right?


This small thing, bug, germ whatsoever it is called is bad. It makes me feel so lethargic the whole day. All I want to do is sleep, sleep and sleep and sleep somemore. But as if that is applicable to the life here. I feel guiltyyyy for sleeping too much.

And the second part is called a second part for some reason. It’s like something occurs because of something. So, because the flu bug love me, it made me homesick. Being sick make me think of the comfort of home and mummy. =’(

Ah, so much for growing up and leaving home. Perhaps I was like that bird which already knew how to fly yet reluctant to leave the nest. Home is home. The best, only found at its original place. Irreplaceble, forever.

This bird wants to go back to sleep again.

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