Tuesday, March 15, 2011


One should never underestimate how this world goes on. Life is full of surprises. And when you say surprises, it can be good, it can be bad. Certain surprises make you happy, other make you feel down.

But perhaps it is not how you react when you get to know these surprises but how you learn to handle them should they cross your path again. It is impossible to feel zero anger or there won't be a need for something called feelings.

Some things are unexpected but it is all within God's plan.

There are big surprises in the world too. Like the earthquake measuring 8.9 on the Ritcher's scale which happened in Japan, the earthquake before that in Wellington, New Zealand and now the constant fear of those living along the costal area for tsunami. Not forgetting those who are living in poverty all around the world. Those who live in war zone. The list in endless.

Everytime one feel that the whole world is going against them, perhaps all one need is too reflect on the less fortunate and one can feel the sense of gratitude. Perhaps one wil then realise that their obstacles are nothing compared to them.

I believe there's nothing wrong in reacting to these not-so-nice news but it is the action that matters.

Learn to be more of a snake next time. Learn to do the correct thing at the correct time. Maybe at that time, one will realize that life isn't that bad.

But all these requires patience, time and effort. Nothing comes without one giving nothing.

P/s: It was a bad reaction this morning. But I was really not satisfied with that. The skies have cleared. Thank God.

Thanks Raph, it is true. But I still need to learn. =)*hugs*

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