Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A new sport! ;)

Yesterday I promised my roommate to go for squash with her.

Today, I learnt a new sport. And it was not bad. =)

Squash. I've never played it before. All I ever did was watch the game on televison. Never did I know that I will have the chance to play it as well.

It was more or less same as badminton, apart from the fact that you're playing against the wall with a partner. And the ball is round and one will need more strength compared to badminton. There isn't much ball chasing as the court is kinda small.

But it doesn't mean that it is easy either. I can serve ok now. But I don't really catch the ball right. Haha... But I guess it's okay, since it was my first time playing. Am looking forward to more games in the future. =)

P/s: Ellie is anticipating muscle pain on her right hand tomorrow. =p

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