Tuesday, March 1, 2011

End of FB hiatus, Beginning of Something New

My short FB hiatus has came to an end. It was a short one but a memorable one. It gave me the time to think and debate with myself several issues that had been bugging me. I may not have totally found all the solutions but there are improvements. =)

Whether FB is a place to socialize or a place for others to show off or even a place for certain people to show how good they are at discriminating people, pretending to turn up fine and happy in front, will no longer be an issue to me.

God sees everything, God hears everything, God knows everything.

For simple piety things like those, I rather not know too much.

But it doesn't stop me from missing certain people in my life. I miss those moments in which I could say something and not have people staring blankly at me, giving those erm-what-are-you-saying kind of look. I miss having the kulats with me, joking and laughing, and helping each other in studies. I miss the competitiveness of my class, although it was rather stressful. I miss Raphael and his treat of kolo mee every week, maths tutoring, jokes and weekly walk to the bus stop. I miss the times when my friends and I were rather obsess with badminton and played every wednesday.

They were the good memories. And I'm here to build new sweet and beautiful memories. I want to be able to say the same things about my memories here after I've graduated. I want the hurt, sadness and tears to be erased. =)

But it will be tough. I guess we all know that matters of the heart are not the same like writtings on the a paper. I will try and I trust that I can.

Sometimes, a certain level of self esteem is needed to go on in this life. =)

P/s: Ellie should probably go see a doctor when she goes back to her hometown. Oh well,that's something two months later. Probably in this two months period, the matter has already been resolved. =p

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