Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just for you:)

Have you ever looked forward towards a conversation, be in in virtual life or reality?

Have you ever want to talk to someone, but there’s not a need for it?

Have you ever felt that for whatever that happens, some people just cross your mind on the first place whether you like it or not?

Have you ever treasure the words one say and hang on to it?

It’s funny how some people come by your life and make such a large impact, no? Those times are certainly the best moments of a life whether or not you know the reason why it gives you such an impact. They certainly bring smiles and laughters, adding the sunshine for a flower to bloom. 

But it’s funny how certain things go as anonymously as how they come. And the sinking feeling it gives one when one realize that those moments will no longer reappear nor repeat itself. And the dumb feeling it gives when one look back and think of how before accepting the fact that it Is gone, one try to hang on to it.

After a little while, one will realize that this is the REALITY that everyone faced. This is the world outside that everyone tries to avoid but somehow some of us just fall into the trap. It’s okay, time heals many wounds. Scars it will leave. Be it as the beautiful memories that once gave you hope, be it the lesson to not be gullible in the future, be it a gentle reminder as we take the steps in the future.

Like footprints in the moon, it’ll never leave.

P/s: It has been awhile now. This post is dedicated to you, bro.

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