Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Just being random...

Do you still remember the times we played together so well?
We enjoyed them, didn't we?

Do you remember the times we chatted so much?
It was interesting, wasn't it?

DO you remember the times we joked so lamely?
It was hilarious, wasn't it?

As we go along in life, we met lots and lots of people.
"Some of them we might meet again, some of them we'll never see again"-Sophia Ling, 2002

Among the many that we meet there are some we're bound to be close to. Getting together. Hanging out together. Laughed. Joked. Cried. Sobbed.

Sometimes, they become a permanent stop in your life. No matter which turn you took, there's just a thread which stays connected. =)

Sometimes, some of them are just like whiteboard marker. They came, stayed for awhile and finally, left. Some went quietly. So quietly, you just don't know what went wrong. Some went with a bang. Disagreements, fights, etc.

But, I doubt any can refute the fact that no matter how they went, they left a mark or print in you. If it's a beautiful memory, we call it a mark, if it's not something happy, we call it a scar.

And somehow it is these marks and scars that teaches us. Teaches us the way of life. That people come and go. With or without a reason. Whether you like it or not. Whether it is for better or for worst. If it is someone you've depended on for quite some time, I'm sorry, you might face some tough times ahead.

But I think the worst is those who are not there but they have not left. There are hanging by a thread but perhaps it's the last thread with some cuts there. The mightiest effect on you would be when you've absolutely no idea what went wrong. What happened to the beautiful friendship? What happened to "we're friends"?

Disappointment, sadness and even tears might come. But they don't change anything, right?

As much as I hate it, I've to learnt to live with it. And I'm going to live with no regrets.

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