Sunday, March 27, 2011

At times....

You've got work to do, materials to study. Nonetheless, your mood isn't helping you. You simply can't concentrate.

Experience this before??

When this happens, you'll realize how many of your true friends are there with you. How many in your facebook friends list is not a living prove.

That feeling one get is neither of sadness nor loneliness. But it's just some kind of emptiness you want to fill.

I've had the urge to talk to someone at those moments. Though actually, I don't have a topic I want to talk about. Maybe it is just wanting to know that there's still someone else there around. Haha... Mind numbing isn't it?

Hence, I'm very grateful to God for blessing me with you, my friend. Distance really doesn't matter, the choice is in our hands whether we want to keep in touch or not. You've said before, "we took off quick and we will remain friends for a long long time." I've known that I'm not someone who trust others easily, but I trust your words because I feel the sincerity in you.

Sometimes being sincere to your friend is just the best way you treat a friend.

P/s: I'm glad for all the odd times I've looked for you, early morning, mid-noon or late nights, you never ignore me. THANKS!!! *hugs*
I better get back to practising my speech. And I'll remember your advice for tmr. :)

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