Monday, March 21, 2011

Cravings..... =(

This is rare. I don't usually go around proclaiming my love for desire for certain food. Not because I'm not interested in food. But it's just because the food I love doesn't exist in this part of the word.=(

I guess that explains why I'm not so interested for meals outside or why I don't finish my food, usually. I just don't get what I want.

I know, I know, that sounds so childish right? Like how a little kid refuse to eat just because she's not given what she want. Hehehehe...

1. Laksa
I really love laksa. But people here simply don't know what laksa is. It's just some weird looking dish to them. I've loved laksa since I was four. I still remember the stall operators are usually amazed that a four-year-old kid knows how to eat laksa with a chopstick! Hahaha... But my chopstick skills are still cacat-ed. =p

2. Fruits
It's so hard to get fresh fruits here! Sigh. Honey dews. apples, mempelam, buah kedongdong etc. Oh, how much I miss you all. =p

Only today I knew, buah kedondong is called "sar lei" in Cantonese. Haha...



Oh, can I include Daddy's cooking as well???? Hehehehe....

Craving,craving,craving... =((((((

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