Wednesday, October 6, 2010


She had been different all her life.

She attended a normal primary school, where most of classmates and schoolmates were from the nearby flat. Her parents never approved of them, she was often advised not to mix with them. But she was a normal kid, I wanted friends too. In the early years, teachers loved her. Because dad was a businessman, they wanted him to sponsor stuff. It changed a few years later, teachers no longer cared bout her, because daddy’s business failed and no longer can serve the purpose they want. From a kid who had everything she wanted, she suffered a major change in her life. Ten-year-old kid don’t know suffering. She went through it as ease.

At 10 years old, she learnt to say lies when debt collectors come knocking at the door. She knows what to say when phone calls came in asking for her mummy or daddy. She still remember the scene when people came and brought her daddy away. She knows how it felt waiting till late at night not being able to sleep as daddy is not home. Little kids played around with dolls and toys. She was learning bout screwdrivers and bolt and nuts bout daddy’s machines. She stayed up late to accompany daddy working.

As she grew older, daddy changed job to support the family. She didn’t felt ashamed helping her daddy at his stall at the roadside. When people were concentrating of preparing for exams, she was still helping daddy at the stalls. Her friends had the chance to go out and have fun, she refrained from doing so as she knows that money is tight.

She went to a premier secondary school and was in the best class for her years there. Some teachers were biased and never paid any attention to her. She swallowed all these bitterness and continued her journey. She never trusted anyone after she saw how people betrayed her daddy.

And now she has entered university. Her road has not been a smooth one but she believe that God will guide her well through it. But all these years never erased the earlier part of her memories. She still cry whenever she though of all the hard times.

But she still give thanks to God, for keeping her family safe and sound all this while. She never went that hungry yet and things are getting better. There are still lots of things to learn.=)

Perhaps one day, she will learn to let go and be free.

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