Friday, October 8, 2010


Change is inevietable. A phrase usually seen, used and agreed.

I, agree with it too. But has anyone thought of the feelings involved when the change took place? I believe that change is divided into two. Good change and bad change.

A good change. A change that brings good effect. The person and all around are happy with the change. I bet no one would unwelcome a good change, such as how no one would unwelcome the God of Fortune during Chinese New Year.

A bad change. I guess everyone know what it means without me explaining further. Moods change during a bad change. Dissapointment, anger, sadness, etc... But I believe that a bad change may only apply to a particular individual. I mean, a person may think that a certain thing is bad but those around the individual does not think so. Humiliation, exclusion etc. They all hurt a person deeply but I'm very sure those around the person never think that way.

After all, the world is a cruel place. Peace, joy and happiness is not something we all get everyday. Like it or hate it, live through it. Be happier and better than those who do wrong to you. There will be a time when you will not regret the actions you too. Time will prove that you can live without those who hurt you before.

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