Sunday, October 3, 2010


Buzzing buzzing like a little bee,

There are times, at home I cannot stay,

Far away from home is this place i be,

To be the pride of the family, I hope to say.

A little distance away from the city,

Beside a highway it stood steady,

Buildings like boxes, it looked like a factory,

No ponds and waterfalls, unlike in tales of fairy.

No more mummy's best recipes,

The main charger for my batteries,

All I see is santan and chillies,

Instead of my love, the greeniees.

Drops of water can brighten my day,

Many drops I need during my everyday,

But sometimes, it is not my luck,

Only a few drops not enough for a duck.

But who I am to say all this,

For all I am is just a young student,

But I will show that I can survive,

To do the part I'm here for.

Ellie Teo
October 3rd, 2010.

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