Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Ah,time really seems to fly....I'm not sure whether I should be happy or not about it. If time passes more quickly,soon it'll be time to go home. But if time passes more quickly,it means that the datelines for my assignments and whatever work assigned to me will also be just around the corner.

Hmm,I'm not sure which is it that I want to happen.

Today is a busy day. I had an hour of statistics lecture,did some analytical tutorial question with the help of coursemates,attended the Dean's list award ceremony and escaped from the Majlis Syarahan Peringkat Kebangsaan I was supposed to attend. Just a waste of time to me.

The Dean's list award ceremony was kinda lame. Altogether,my course had 11 people who were on the list. And all of us are chinese. Haha....They were supposed to give us a cert but apparently,there were some problems so they gave us a piece of A4 paper with our name and our pointer stated on it. Lame.... Gave us a bag as well,with a pen and a notebook and a weird looking thing as well. But I am just glad I made it into Dean's list for the first semester. This semester seems tougher but I'm not going to give up.I'll have to keep trying. I'll reach for the rainbow at the end of the day. I will. I have this idea that this 'kiasuness' has been planted in me since the first day I become a Teresian. LOL...

I've got technical writting test tomorrow on essay writting and a class activity for statistics. I think the class I hate tne most will be Islamic Institution. So much for asking non muslims to actually take up this subject. I've gone for about 5 weeks of lecture and I do not have a single idea what the crap am I studying for this subject. I hate it.

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