Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Friday

Yesterday, the 29th January,2010, Foong Kae Chiam officially turns 21! woohoo.... Three big cheer for her!!!=)

And the beautiful thing was what we did for her last night. Being stuck in uni, we didn't have much choice but we managed to get her a cake. We shared the cake with her and the last and best part of it,smeared cake all over her especially her face and hair. Haha.... But the birthday girl wasn't the only victim. Everyone else present was also a victim excluding the photographer. Esther,Pui Shi, Wei Zhen,Pei Yee, GG, Sing Ying had cream and cake either on their hair,clothings or face too....Oh,I wasn't excluded too. Lol...We made such a mess and we had to mopped the floor too. We poured body shampoo over the floor to remove the oiliness. Esther and I felt like penguins making our ways while cleaning up. Haha...Hope the birthday girl enjoyed herself. =)

Later last night,I was chatting with a coursemate over msn. And the topic of not doing what ours friends are doing like clubbing came up. Let's see. Most of my friends goes clubbing especially those who are studying in more happening cities like KL. And some goes clubbing back home too. I don't no matter where am I. I don't know whether it is because I'm a girl who listens to her dad of is it just because I don't want to. So far,I've never thought of going. i guess it is just a matter of personal principle. If you want to try it,you'll still go even if the whole world object. If you don't,you just won't.

I had an inorganic chemistry lecture on thursday. And it happens that the lecturer was sharing. One of the many things she said was about being wiser,you'll see and know more things. Sometimes even more than what you should know. And the world will then be scarier.

This point kinda hit me in the right nerve.

I've felt that the world doesn't seem so nice after I grew up.

And I want to be a four-year-old again.

with the big,big eyes,smile on the lips and most of all, an innocent face.

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