Monday, May 19, 2014

The Journey Home

I'm going home tomorrow! But I'm at the airport now. Sucks to have to stay overnight at the airport alone with only free wifi to accompany you.

Hmm, actually it was only bout 3 months ago when I went home for Chinese New Year. But I miss home, Kuching food, my cats and my bf. I went online, checked Airasia's fare and voila! cheap-enough-flights-for-poor-students-like-me. And I booked it. Tickets both ways cost me about Rm136. xD

This morning I went to lab as usual. Did some work. And took the bus at 4pm. After taking the monorail and another bus, I finally reached the airport, the brand new KLIA2. Lols. The first thing I hunted for was, the toilet. Lol. And I sure love the toilet. Big, clean, dry. xD 

Now I dunno what to do. I got approximately 6 hours till I go in the gate. 

Oh, not forgetting, I've got AWESOME friends. 

One called me during lunch hour just to wish me a safe journey and another texted me about the same time the first friend called. Guess we're not called three musketeers for nothing eyhh? xD

I love you guys so much! hehehehehe... xD

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