Thursday, March 29, 2012


This week was supposed to be a busy week. I was supposed to have 3 mid terms and a competition and a proposal to hand it. I was supposed to.

But the supposedly supposed to happen things didn't happen. Well, not all of them. I had one mid term and the competition. The other two mid terms got postponed till after mid term break. Hmm.

Well, the competition was a research conpetition. CITREX in short for Creation, Innovation, Technology and Research Exposition. The only reason I entered was because of my supervisor of my final year project. But it was a wonderful experience. It was interesting to be part of a exhibition that showcase so many different and new research projects. It was a new experience to present a research project. Plus, it was the first time I got permission to not attend lectures. Haha.. xP

And the bronze medal was a bonus. :)))) I mustn't forget to include that this won't be possible without the help of my supervisor, Dr. Chong, my teammates Rubaiyi, Singying and Yelljing.

And now, the mid semester break is here. Coursemates are going home, so are the roommates. It is going to be quiet.

On an unrelated event. Just a thought.

This thing called life is an interesting roller  coaster. One will never know how it bends, where it bends and what makes it bends. One can never see what is coming for one would be too busy to be dealing with the on-going. But as time passes, as one is handling the on-goings, one start to learn. To learn how to prepare for the 'ifs' in the future regardless of whether we expect or not the in-coming. To learn to adapt, like a chameleon. To learn to survive whether there is anyone looking after your back. For everyone is busy dealing with their own problem. It is not anyone's fault should one fail to live a proper life. It is no one's obligation to please another , to babysit another, to care for another like a fragile,little newborn baby. Caring as a friend is one thing. Babysitting is another thing. There is a distinct line between those two. Another thing one would learn throughout the journey of life is to learn to reflect. To reflect when something goes wrong. To reflect and find the proper way out. Denying that anything to be one's fault never solve anything. It only make things worst. Learn to accept that sometimes we are the one at the wrong party and to learn how to fix  it is the best way. It is not easy. But so is everything else in life. Nothing is easy. We just learn to accept and get on with our way.

I is going on a little industrial trip tomorrow. I is excited. :)))

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