Monday, March 26, 2012

#23 Under the weather

I hate Kuantan in April more than Kuantan in December. Maybe because I'm more of a rain person compared to a sun person? I dunno for sure, but I hate this sticky feeling eventhough I've showered five times today. If UMP is to face water crisis, I'm pretty sure I'm one of those to be blame. Plus, the weather makes me feel under the weather too. Getting the flu second time is 6 weeks is like, a new record I think. Lol. Now my voice sounds weird. Like a cat that gagged on a bone. A chicken bone.

Okay, enough babbling. Time to get back to reading anything that has to do with the three mid terms this week or something to do with presentation. Gosh, I dunno what am I supposed to present anyway.

Hmm, I would be extremely happy after thurs morning. I bet my coursemates would feel the same too. xP

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