Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Day 1: Final Exam Sem 5

The author used nearly all her energy today, partly in physical energy form, writing in the answer booklets provided. The other half of the energy was spent on using her brain, squeezing and draining her brain cells, and lay them in the answer booklet.

That was how it went, the final exam for my semester 5.
It didn't went too badly for me.
I'll say i'm happy with it. =)

There you go, Mr QA&QC System and Miss Separation Technique. I'm done with you guys and now please have a nice journey away from me. Lol. God bless as you go your way.

Very soon, I can go home. Very very soon. =)

I saw a cute kitten today! Omg, it is so bloody cute I really felt like hugging it. xP
Why is it so hard to score a proper A for lab?

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