Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's up these day? The celling! xP

I haven't been updating these days.
My excuse: I'm busy.
The truth: I'm procrastinating. Again. Period.

Anyway, it has been a week since the mid-term break ended. This week was kinda relax, with a few lecturers off to somewhere. Hence the necessity to cancel class. :)

But I dread the time that the words, "we'll need to replace class on xxx." releases itself from my dear lecturers' mouth. Lol. Ah, I shall survive them somehow. :)

And all the lecturers were so efficient, mid-terms marks were released too.

Order of marks of the subjects in the way I like. :)
1. Industrial environment & pollution
2. Unit Operation
3. QA & QC
4. Inorganic chemistry process
5. Separation Technique

Separation Technique is purely epic fail subject. I barely passed. But I won't sulk on it. I just have to deal with it. :)

Jason's birthday was on the 17th, but we gave him a celebration on the 16th. I made a handmade card. The fourth card that I made this year.
This is how it looks.
Okay, I stole a picture that Jason uploaded on facebook. xP
Anyways, Happy 22nd Birthday, Jason!

On the same day, we played on the beach. Did many things that may seem non-sensical to others. But we were purely having fun. :)))))

And I got my second birthday present on that day too. A pillow. I chose myself. :) Thanks guys,you know who you are. Hehe...
I'm going out again today. For my roommate's birthday celebration. And my own too. ;)))
Happy Birthday, Chee! May you get all that you wish! :))

sidenote: My eye is swollen again. :(((

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