Saturday, November 12, 2011

Growing up & Changes ;)

Pouted on my seat, in this corner of my hostel room. Once again, the author types. You know how one says we understand ourselves better as we grow up? Or how about the saying that change is inevitable?

The author never really understood them before. Not at all. Maybe a little.

But this break seemed to have did it on the author. A snap, a twig, a push. The author doesn't know either. But whatever it is did it. Like how the sky clears after the storms, the author now sees herself more clearly. No longer covered by the clouds that blinded her view before.

The author is a nocturnal who prefers doing all the thinking at 2 am in the morning. The author thinks that reading is cooler than watching movie. She is sarcastic. She loves being noisy. She loves cats and all other furry creatures. She comes from across the sea. The author is a banana (on the path of turning yellow). The author loves being an independent young lady.

So what if people says that the author is abnormal? So what is people mind her being abnormal? So what if the author is different that others?

Well, one thing for sure, the author is still human. With hairs, hands, brain, legs, eyes etc...
She speaks, walks, runs.

The author no longer care what others think of her. For she trust herself. :)

"There's no need to care about what others say. For those who care don't mind and those who mind, don't matter"

Perhaps it's the break that gave the author all the thinking time. Perhaps it's "Eat, Love,Pray" that gave her the heads on. :)))

Dear God, thank you for giving me all the strength to go through everything. For I trust in your plan and that you will lead me to greater heights. Thanks you for keep my family, friends and everyone around me safe. I just wanna thank you. :)

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