Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For something called... sense of security.

As we walk through this journey called life, sometimes we look at the big things, the materialistic things and we tend to forget or put aside the small things that we thought could be replaced. We thought could be put aside. We thought if we have the bigger things in life, the small things could be substituted.

After awhile, if we sit down and think. Put aside the works. Put aside the worries. Put aside everything else.

I crave for many things in life just for something called sense of security.
Why do I care so much when you put me out of your life?
Why do you care so much what I wanted to say but refused to spill the beans even till now?
Why did u think so much when I said I heard of things?

I think it boils down to the same reason.
You and I both lacked the sense of security.
You and I just want to find something to depend on for this sense of security.

For all the reasons that I can understand, we just have to forgive each other for all the mistakes. For the fault lies in our need for a sense of security. :))

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