Sunday, September 18, 2011

Should or should not, that's the question.

I'm not 1+1=3 but it is still equally difficult with a 1+1=3 to decide to go home or not during the november holidays. 
Going home means that I will be in an environment that I'm familiar with. 
But it means that I've broken my promise too. *sigh*
Plus, I might not be happy too. Or either I'll be happy. The probability of the former is looking like it is on the high end at the moment. 
I refuse to cry myself to sleep again and have headache and swollen eyes again.
Perhaps by the time I decide to go home, the tickets will be too expensive then I won't need to do the decision since AirAsia helped me decide. 

P/s: 1+1=3, can you help me decide instead? =p

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