Friday, September 16, 2011

Here and There, This and That....

Such a weird blog title eh, no? Apparently because I just feel like writing on this beautiful morning, I just came up with a title for this jumbled up post. =p

Welllll, where shall we start?

Happy Malaysia Day to everyone, first of all. I'm sure everyone is currently enjoying the bliss the holidays will ever offer. Lol. :) This means that I have a longer weekend, including the fact that my mondays aren't packed either, just 2 hours of Separation Technique. I'm glad though, the subjects looks like they are heavier this semester. That's for being a 3rd year student I guess.

I think I have the sixth sense to sense that I will fall sick. Haha. But I started feeling uncomfortable the day before yesterday with signs of flu yesterday and finally, I had fever last night. I took paracetamol and dozed off eventhough the night was still young and the fact that I've got no classes today. Fever's down now but I still feel the aches throughout my body and a headache. The bad thing about getting sick when you're in uni, there's no one to offer you special treatment. LOL.

I wonder why, but before this I've never bothered attending those funny talks or meetings organized by the uni. However, I actually attended the kolej Kediaman meeting and also Tun Dr. Mahathir's talk yesterday.

I guess these are all the updates for now.

Till then, have a lovely weekend people! God bless! :)

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