Saturday, March 19, 2011

The POWER of FOOD. =)

I’ve never woke up so early in the morning on a normal day when I’m in uni. Not even for class. Probably once or twice for exam, and that’s just for final exam.

Surprisingly, a bunch of 6 girls really woke up for breakfast. Where, you might ask.
The answer: McDonalds.

The whole day started well. First, two of the girls woke up late. And that provided our first source of laughter with sleepy eyes of the day.

We went to Teluk Chempedak’s McDonalds, the only McDonald joint in kuantan which is opened 24-hours. The line was moderately long when we reached there,but as we ate our breakfast, it got longer. More and more people came in clutching the newspaper which has the voucher that supports the current promotion of buy RM 5 and get two big breakfast for free.

Eating provided us with much laughter too.

First was the formula of how many packets of sugar and creamer for the coffee. Haha… it took us such a long time to determine the formula, one of the girls who ordered milo, was already halfway attacking her breakfast when we started.

One cup of McDonalds’s coffee= three packets of sugar=three packets of creamer

The amount of sugar needed to make the coffee edible is a little terrifying , to be honest. Lol. Still, it all went to the happy stomachs. =)

By the time we finished breakfast, it was about 9.30am. So, a friend had to pay a visit to the hospital. W chose to wait opposite the hospital which is by the Kuantan River. Two years I’ve been here but this is the first time I went there. It kinda reminded me of Waterfront in Kuching which is by the Sarawak River.

It was here I learnt new terms. “gong gong” meant swings, “fed fed” is the slide and from these two new names, we invented a new name, “king kong!” Hahaha.. Omg, we really laughed so much from these few new terms. Ah. All the childhood time and memories. I miss them, like, so much.

Berjaya Megamall was the next stop. Giant, to be exact. So, we did our own grocery shopping. I’ve got cabbages to go with my Maggie now. =)
Then some went to satisfy their starbucks cravings, some went for Slurpee. Sad to say, the quality of Slurpee has deteriorated, a lot.

Oh, we made a silly turn on the way back too. Thinking that it could be a short cut, it ended as a no-cut as all. Hahaha… Mind you, Kuantan could be jammed at times too. Haha…

We reached uni around 1.15pm, just in time to be greeted with the rain. Perfect for afternoon nap. =)

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