Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LIttle update

I've finished the last presentation for this semester. Nothing unusual happened during the presentation. Probably I can say there is a lack in audience. Very few people were present for the class.

Second last quiz of the semester were also completed. Sucessfully, I hope. I think it was easier compared to the last quiz set by Dr. Chong. Hopefully, the test on instrumentation method on thursday will be okay too.=)

The Higher Education Ministry issued a circular asking public universities to reschedule the final exam to provide a longer holiday for the Deepavali. I hope UMP will nnot extend the final exam since I bought my flight already. I'm praying hard on it.

Second last test of the semester tomorrow. Organic chemistry 2. Wish me luck! =)

I love it when it's raining! =)

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