Sunday, October 31, 2010

A feeling of RELIEVE, A sense of PANIC.

The last 2 weeks was probably the busiest weeks I had in the entire semester. Tests, quizzes, assignments and presentations. They all came and visit at the same time. So, at 10am of Friday morning, I felt a sense of relief. The two weeks came to and end. =)

To treat and pamper ourselves, four girls sat in a kancil and head to Kuantan. Lunch at a chinese coffee shop, loitering at Berjaya Megamall, tea time at Secret Recipes, movie at GSC East Coast Mall, more loitering at Carrefour and finally dinner at Medan Selera, not forgetting today's breakfast from the egg tart shop. =) That took 12 hours. But I was glad for the momentary break.

And I just started study week. First day of study week isn't that productive. I guess I hadn't put in the appropiate gear yet. But I believe I can do better tomorrow. =)

The rainbow is waiting, I just need to put in the right gear and make my way over.

16 more days to total freedom. =)

I'm waiting.

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