Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday happens to be the only day I have 8 am class. And i still don't like it. I went to class on time but the one who was late happened to be the lecturer herself. There and then,I've decided to go to class later next week. Lol... In today's technical writing class,we were asked to write an essay to compare and contrast ourselves and a partner. I did the writing and truth to be said,it has been quite a while since i last wrote. I'm happy with the outcome though. I think I'll post the essay as well, for remembrance sake. And I received a good news too. I won't be having anymore friday class since it has been shifted to tuesday. Yippie!!!=) Perhaps the thurs afternoon statistics class can be shifted away too. Then I'll have a free thursday afternoon as well. Oh well,i shouldn't be dreaming too much and just be grateful that I no longer have friday class.

Right after that,I had Inorganic chemistry class. As usual,she was impressive. Today's quote is "mathematicians calculate that 1+1=2 but chemist observed that it is 2 straightaway. Chemistry is observe science" I'm still impressed after 5 weeks of going to her class. I hope I'll be able to do well for this subject. Not going to give up that easily.

This is the essay I wrote for technical writing compare and contrast:

" Friendship has no survival values,rather it is one of those things that gives value to survival". A quote once said by famous philosopher cum writer C.S Lewis. To a great extent, a majority of the human population will find this true.Great distance is not a barrier, it just depend on when and how two souls meet. These two souls named Ellie and Sing Ying met in July 2009 and a great friendship was then borned.

Although every human is blessed and unique,there are still some similarities between these two souls. Ellie and Sing Ying are both 20 years old. Both of them have average height, meaning they are neither very tall nor very short. Besides that, Ellie and Sing Ying are currently reading Industrial Chemistry at Universiti Malaysia Pahang.

We all came from God, but due to differences in our upbringing and environment, differences still occur among mankind. In the case of Ellie and Sing Ying, Ellie prefers to have long hair,often tying it in a pony tail while Sing ying maintains a short hair style. Besides that, Ellie if from sarawak, located at East Malaysia but Sing ying is from Perak located at West Malaysia. Apart from that,Ellie is very talkative never running out of things to say. while Sing ying falls into the shy category,prefering to keep a low profile of herself.

As a conclusion, Ellie and Sing ying are similar yet different in many ways. God creates the best artworks and one of them is us. If we can learn to appreciate our differences and similarities,great friendship will continue to live.

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