Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It has been awhile since i wrote here...well,quite many things had happened but I'll just write bout the interesting things.=)

For the first time in my life,I went and successfully donated blood yesterday. It was held at Block W. I went with one of my best friend cum coursemate,Foong Qian also known as guinea pig. it was her fourth time to donate blood. It was a long quee. we had to went through many stations to determine that we are fit enough to donate. It didn't take a long time,just about 15 minutes to donate 350ml of blood. felt so proud of myself after donating. Lol.. Anyways,I wasn't planing to go for the Islamic Institution lecture after that. But my group was supposed to present on the topic,"consensus of opinion". So, right after that,the both of that went for class. Oh,they gave us a certificate too.=)

Today is an interesting day too. My analytical chemistry lecturer actually cried while delivering her lecture. I think that she thinks that we are a bunch of arrogant, noisy students who don't listen to her. And we don't give her much response too. However, i think that she is also the one with problems. For one thing,no matter how many times she tried to explain her teachings in Bm or english,we just don't understand.

At 5 pm just now,I went for my second fitness class. Sing Ying, Mei Yoong and I were the first three to arrive. We waited for about 20 minutes for the rest to arrive. and then, we proceeded to the empty space at Block W to do some jogging,stretching,push ups and also sit ups. I'm glad that I, a person whose stamina is of negative value survived the class.

Later,i will have to attend some briefing for laboratory safety. After so many sessions of identical kind of briefing,I'm just amazed they still have more things so say.

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