Monday, March 5, 2012

#16 Just like a circle. :)

When I was a little girl, my parents have always told me to be independent. They told me not to rely on others for anything as the only person we can always rely on is ourselves.
But parents being parents, when we are with them, there is little chance, if any for independency. They fuss over you over the slightest thing such as what you wear when you go out. They fuss over whether you eat your meals or not, fearing that you will be starved. They fuss over when you get cold at night for not covering youself with the blanket.

And at that time, I think there are certain times when some of us grumble over the over-fussing. We want to have a say in the way we lead our lives. We think that we are grown ups, enough to do all those so called simple things by ourselves.

But years later, when we are finally away from the nest, when we are supposed to be real grown ups, when we are expected to be independent, all those cravings to be grown ups have long ago subside.

We whine over what to eat for our meals, we whine over what to wear, we whine over having to do everything by ourselves. So much for wanting to grow up fast ten years ago.

And we begin to learn to direct ourselves. We begin to decide which is the direction we want to take. It's like driving in car in the city and certain roads aren't that smooth and at that very moment, we have to take another course. We learn. And we become smarter.

If we start to be away from home, we learn to seek relieve from homesickness. We learn to be patient and ask the want-to-be-home feeling to stay and emerge till the end of the semester. We learn to do what we are supposed to do in the meantime without having mum or dad yelling at the top of their lungs.

We make friends. And friends being those who are undergoing the same transformations as us are our closest guide. They become our partner, partner-in-crime.

At the same time, we learn to soak everything else from life. To love. To care. To laugh. To have joy.
And it is what that makes everything complete. Like a circle.

Sure, there are times where one feel despair. At times like that, cry. But do not wallow in self pity. Dry your tears and pick yourself up and continue walking.

There will be a time when you reach the end, with a good ending. Just like a circle.:)

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