Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When holiday officially starts... :)

A ride in the bus for two hours plus, another ride in the monorail, another short bus ride and I arrived at the Low Cost Carrier Terminal. A few hours to go, I ordered a drink and sat at The Coffee Beans. Soon enough, I was in the plane that took me home. Here I am, back to where I belonged.

Took my first dinner, oh-the-mouth-watering laksa.Slept in lovely bed, accompanied by lovely pillow.

Visits back to the old workplaces. I had plenty of good gossips. Haha.
Had plenty, too much of sleep and drama. Food whenever I want them.

I guess facing you wasn't as bad as I thought. But I wasn't too far off from my hunch eh?
You are really in big trouble. I've no idea whether to congratulate you or not.
There isn't anything I can help you anyway, but I would rather not hear from you what did you do.
It would shatter my heart. xP

Take a deep breath,
Smell the fresh breeze,
Feel the cold rain,
Let them pour over you.

Lie on your back,
Look at the shooting stars,
Close your eyes and clasp your hand,
Smile and make a wish.

Stand in the field,
Among the flowers and grasses,
Birds flying above,bees buzzing around,
Calm your soul and find your inner peace.

May the shooting stars grant your wish,
May the rain give you strength,
May your inner peace give you wisdom,
Be the torch guiding you. :)

This is all I can offer you. Happy cleaning up the mess. *sigh*

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