Saturday, January 15, 2011

When the stars are twinkling...

Here I am, seated at my study table, supposedly busy typing on an assignment. But I took a detour, to satisfy my hunger on expressing my heart and my mind.

The night is cold, and I'm listening to Micheal Jackson's " you're not alone." Yes,indeed I'm not alone.

My roommates are here. My course mates are also here. We are all far away from the warmth place.... called home.

At this moment I want to lie on the bed, snuggling with a cat and my dad. To be a four-year-old again. To be innocent. I really longed for the moment now.

Reality hits me hard. There are other things to do other than to sit here dreaming of sweet dreams.

To be home will take a few more months.

I'm officially HOMESICK.='(

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