Thursday, January 27, 2011

An Ode to a Terrific Tuesday.;)

In a week, it’s the second day

It is named a Tuesday

Old and boring as it sounds

Unexpectedly, the opposite it turns.

Out of uni in two vehicles

Excited and happy our feature

A journey into the nature

Chini Lake our destination

The view, beautiful and breathtaking

Air so cooling and peaceful it felt

Exhilarating, this new thing

The feeling in the boat, oh so refreshing!

Squirrels, monkeys and monitor lizards

Orang asli settlement, sumpit and lotus flowers

Trees, flowers which are strangers

A grand feast the eyes feasted on.

Salted fish of every sizes and types

Keropok and other local products

Different types got our attraction

Berserah fishing village greeted us next.

A birthday cake our main motive

Tricking the birthday girl, we were absolutely positive

Stories and detours, all in an effort

The cake safely tucked, we went on for dinner.

Coincident or the way of God

Things just happen for a reason we don’t know

It all went well and good

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Qian! Twenty two you are now.;)

“Homecoming” make the home feeling stronger

It was hilarious, no tears were present

A good ending it brought, but wait there’s more

The highlight of the night awaits all present.

Actually a normal cake eating session

Evolution happens, the creams are the weapon

The victim, a birthday girl

A long time she had to spend in the shower room.

Exhausted we were

But happy we were here

The sweet memories continue to pile.

A single step started, the journey of a thousand smile.;)

P/s: This is specially dedicated to the bunch of friend who made 25th January,2011 and extraordinary one. You guys know who you are. :)

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