Friday, November 12, 2010


Okay, yet again , I should be studying. Not blogging. But i'll just admit, I'm not disciplined enough to do a fb hiatus nor refrain myself from going online eventhough it's the final exam season.

I sat for my third paper yesterday, Organic Chemistry 2. I prepared quite a lot for this paper since for no apparent reason, I seemed to love Organic chemistry this semester. I don't score exteremly well for in , in test nor in quiz. But I just love it. =)

Before the legislator let us check the question paper, I took a sneak peep at the question, eager, excited and nervous. As I flipped the paper, the questions in front looked okay to me, till I reached the last question. Unfortunate to say, I don't know how to do the last question. That question carried a total mark of 20 marks.

I'm not sure how many marks can I get from that question. But as I walked back to my hostel from the examination hall, I thought of something. That 10- 15 minutes walk and a 20 marks question thought me something valuable.

Aforementioned early, I prepared quite a lot for this paper. I endlessly memorise and draw structures over and over again. I was just not satisfied if I can't remember the structures. But in that process, I forgot something.

I forgot that no matter how much I dislike that first impression certain slides give me, I still have to go over them carefully, because they might come out as a question in the exam paper.

That was what exactly happened. I knew where the answer to that question is. But for many times when I did my revision, I didn't like the look it gave me so I ignored it.

Oh, I'm sure the slides said, "serve you right, Ellie. Ignore us and now you can't answer the question."

Well, they are right. It is indeed my own fault.

However, yesterday is history, today is present and tomorrow is mystery. Yesterday was already a past, so I should move on. i shouldn't wallow in self-pity for my inability to answer all the questions yesterday. Instead, I should learn from my mistake and make sure I don't do the same next time.

Again,this impressed me with the power of God. He arranged life in such a way that things, both bad and good come in a special way. The way I ignored certain things I don't like ( constantly) was a bad habit that has been going on for quite some time. And God decided that I needed a wake up call. So God poured cold water down my face (indirectly) in the form of my inability to answer the exam question.

But I'm happy to have learnt this. This lesson is worth more that the 20 marks that the exam question offers. Thank you, God.

I have satisfy my hunger to blog and shall resume my battle with my notes again.

4 mroe days till catcity. =)

Lots of love,
Ellie =)

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