Saturday, October 16, 2010

One Month to go...

A day is only a day. Yet to different people, it brings different meanings. 16th October, 2010. A Saturday. A happy day for everyone. No lectures to attend. A perfect day to lie in. =)

To me and the rest of my course mates, it marks that we have only 1 month left for this semester. Two more weeks of lecture to go, 1 weeks of study week and finally, the final examination and we are done for this semester.

Just one word, bittersweet.

The thought of having holiday again is absolutely wonderful. Yet it is a so near yet so far thought. These last few weeks will be absolutely packed. Next week’s schedule is hectic. Three test 2 to struggle for including a quiz and also presentation to prepare for the following week.
Dear God, please bless my friends and me to get through these tough times. Please keep us all safe and healthy. And guide us as we do our revision. Thank you, God. =)

Ellie booked her ticket for the flight back to Kuching already. =)

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