Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Last Week

It is already week 14 of the semester. And this means that it is the last week of lecture. Hmm...My mood in response of this? I'm a little happy that it the last week of lecture already, a little scared and nervous since it means that finals is really just around the corner and also a little sad that the good things have come to an end. Next July,it will be another whole new begining. Different subjects, different lecturers and different challenges. Well,it's called life afterall. It has to keep going.

This week is kinda hetic. I've got two quizzes and a test tomorrow, a presentation and a test on thurs. Apart from that there's lab report to be completed as well and many studying to be done.

Tomorrow will also mark the last fitness class I have and the end of cocurriculum subjects for me in uni. I kinda enjoyed it. Even the running part,since I never really ran before. And of course, the trip to Majlis Sukan Negara.

Hmm, all I pray for now is to do well in all the tests,quizzes and presentations this week. And that I can complete my assignments too. Apart from that, I hope that I'll remember what I studied. Lol....

24 more days to go till I get home...Happy,happy...=)

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