Friday, April 23, 2010

In Just One Day

In just one day,so many things could happen.
Yesterday morning was the day for analytical chemistry paper. Out of the 5 questions, the last 2 was like super alien to me. Sigh.. although it was kinda expected but I was also hoping for a miracle to happen.
After the paper ended, I went out with my coursemates as our next paper is on next Wednesday. We went for lunch. We had Indian food. Nasi briyani. Next on the programme was movie time. This time we watched the recently released Ice Kacang Puppy Love. The sad part was touching enough, the funny part made us laugh, the actors acted well but can’t the ended be a little happier? Lol…I like it though.
Next up, we went to Berjaya Megamall. Yew Chong went bowling while the rest of us ( Chang Yao, Han Wau, Wei Jian, Wei Zhen, Pui Shi, Sing Ying, E.E, Kae Chiam and I ) went wandering around. Dinner was at Sushi Noya. I can’t remember what I had but it was some kinda of noodles and it was not bad.
Teluk Chempedak was our following stop. We sat there and chatted. We had ABC there too. =)
And lastly, before we came back, we made a stop at the dim sum shop where some of them had din sum while my stomach had no more space to fit anything in.
I thought that was the end of my eventful day.
I was online and in facebook,I saw people posting comments on the result of the hostel allocations. Some did not get a place. I went to UMP’s website to check and I was glad I have a place to stay next year.
Then my roommate came back crying. Her dad passed away. We helped her packed her stuff and this lasted till 3.30 am. This morning we all woke up at 7.30 am to send her to the bus stop. I really hope that she will stay strong during this difficult time.
After I came back from the bus stop, I continued my sleep and officially woke up at 11.30 am.

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