Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Great Year

Time flies. And it’s true sometimes we don’t feel it.

Last june,I entered university Malaysia Pahang as an undergraduate to pursue industrial chemistry.

This coming Friday, I would have finished my first year.

This one year has indeed been a great, unexpected and wonderful one year. I met many great friends. Some are my roommates, some are my coursemates while others are just random people who aren’t exactly connected to me but they made my life complete.
I’ve been to many places in this one year too. The KL trip when we had holidays due to the outbreak of H1N1 in the university, the CNY 2010 event, my course reunion dinner for CNY, trip to Cherating, Teluk Chempedak, Gua Charas and Sungai Lembing, the many movies we went too and many eating sessions we had. Not forgetting the many conversations, jokes and laughter we shared. The list is just endless and it will continue to add on in the years we will spend here.

I think that this year have also changed me in many ways. And I sure hope that it is a change for the better.=)

To all my friends especially, Kae Chiam, Sing Ying, Wei Zhen, Pui Shi, How Yee, Geok Gee, Shue Wah, Chew Looi, Chang Yao, Yew Chong, Han Wau, Wei Jian, Esther, Pei Yee, Joanne, Charlotte, Li Ting, Chee, Geraldine, Ai Mei, Sally and Kai Yin…. Just wanna say a big THANK YOU for being such great friends.=)

I’m just glad I came here.

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